Digital Humans / Autonomous Agents

Mimiclone is developing new 3D Spatial Generative AI techniques. With a simple and quick face scan using the TrueDepth camera on your iPhone X or newer, Mimiclone can generate a fully rigged, high definition 3D model that looks just like you. This digital twin can be controlled either directly by video or voice interface, or autonomously by an AI agent acting on your behalf.

Just imagine the possibilities.

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Mimiclone is a technology company just coming out of stealth mode. We are currently raising a seed round of funding and will be launching a series of limited betas in the United States prior to our official product launch on the Apple App Store this summer.


If you are interested in our monthly product updates, want to join a beta test group, or are an accredited investor interested in participating in our seed round, please fill out the form above so that we can connect.